As an Italian, I can only say thank god she didn't learn whatever cultural appropriating mess you're doing with pasta over there. Which, by the way, is called maccheroni, not macaroni. But I don't expect american people to understand any of this. BTW and I'm surprised you know where food comes from, don't american people eat at Mc Donald's all the time?

See? I don't give a damn how do you cook pasta. This is to show you how simple is to bash a whole, huge group of people for small mistakes. How easy the prejudice comes. How 'fun' it is to put others in categories based on their origin or ethnicity. Or accusing them of "cultural appropriation" (or some other politacl correct nonsense) ingoring the normal, natural development of habits, traditions, or in this case recipies. Which is what people like you keeps on doing on a regular basis for click bait purposes, in the best of cases. For a badly hidden hate for white people in the worst.

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